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Home & Office Automation

SAG offers a new range of product and system for home, office and industries. Our range of product are WiFi light control system, android and iPhone apps for Wifi Light Switch, Cloud Server application for Wifi Light Switch, Touch switches, Hotel Room Automation Switches, curtain motor, tubular motor for roller, roman and Austrian blind, rolling shutter motor and WiFi wall switch for curtain and tubular motor

Our Range of Solutions are WiFi enabled and thus called as WiFi home automation systems. It works on your existing home or office WiFi network which is standard world wide as WiFi is almost found in all devices like mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops. This enables easy and direct device control from with in the network or through internet from anywhere around the world.

Our systems are smarter and give a value added products to our consumers. Our objective has always been to provide a system which simplifies and provide comfort and value added to one's life at all time. With this objective our research teams are working with best technology and come up with new systems which are smarter, reliable, stable and cost effective.

At SA Group, you will always find new and smarter inventions happening. We are honored by our consumers when they feel great to own SAG smarter technology systems and products.